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    MEL Help, huge Open Streets extruded scene that needs to be broken down into groups

    Anyone out there with some MEL background ( which should be me, but I've put it off for too long. Sorry Buzz and Zak, I should have paid more attention during the MEL and ELF parts of your videos during the Maya Mech stuff ).

    I'm working on a WW2 Warsaw, Poland project. I downloaded a map of the present location, which I believe was ripped from Open Street Maps and extruded for roads, buildings, etc... The issue I'm running into is that whoever compiled this data grouped all the objects together by type... not by location. I'm trying to bring this into Unity, which is not going to have a fun time with 14+ million polygons over hundreds of kilometers. My computer at work can barely process the entire scene without giving up and my home computer (cause we are so 1337) with 64 gigs of ram and a Titan card still struggles with the scene.

    My question:
    I want to write a MEL script where I define a Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Untitled-1.jpg 
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ID:	74902maximum and minimum location defined by two objects I place in the scene ( locators, groups, models, etc... who cares just a position in X,Y,Z space). I then want to partition the space into X and Z areas ( in my world 'y' is up, sorry other users) based on a variable I put it. Then, I'd like to create a group at the center of each square and iterate over all the elements and parent all objects within the grid element to it. I've seriously been neglecting MEL and unfortunately am fluent in Python... which Maya LT doesn't support. I'm a 'poor' person (my job doesn't may for my software) who only has access to Maya LT through subscription so just upgrading to Maya isn't an option.

    I have a book called "Complete Maya Programming" I bought over 10 years ago ( back in the golden ages of this site, god I miss them) and it has helped me a little in the last 2 hours. But here is the real problem.

    When Shit Hits the Fan:
    One week from now I have 3 PhD qualifier exams. M, W, F, on subjects I've never taken because they aren't in my background bu the university doesn't care. I learned 3D from 3D Buzz and their knowledge has pushed me to where I am. So I'm trying to study (but failing). This is the first year they are instituting the qualifiers and I'm the victim. No prior exams to review, no help from other students, just blind. And at the end of the month I have to have this new demonstration finished. I'm also working my ass off in Maya LT, Substance Painter and Unity to make a realistic version of past locations, but my superiors insist on a fly-over of Warsaw. Even though its a bunch of lambert shaded boxes. (anyone else read the Blinn book's, smart man).

    Not looking for someone to give me a MEL script that auto partitions and I just say 'thank you'. But hints and suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated. Cause... I actually like to learn and understand.

    Tips are appreciate like:

    Here's how to make a select box in ELF for the top coordinate:
    Hey, here is how to make a group:
    Here is how to get the transform:
    Maya sucks with vectors and matrices, so think about this:
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    If you don't understand something, don't give in and throw the book aside. Stopping only gives one answer: that you will never understand it. Look it up on the internet, buy books, ask a friend. Somewhere, someone has had to learn the same material. If they could do it, why not you?

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    Interesting project you have there.

    Could you not just marque select and group or am I missing something?

    This will put the named items into a Group named group1
    (If you just run the group command on its own it will assign a name and group the currently selected items)
    group -n group1 circle1 sphere1;
    You can use the xform command to get coords:
    xform -q -ws -t pCube1;
    There is an exception to every rule, apart from this one.

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