I've been an avid 3D Buzz user before Maya Fundamentals dropped. When it did, my life changed and I used my knowledge to get a NASA grad degree. A decade later and I am the Director of a VR Center. I have a YouTube site with tutorials that maybe are in the flavor of the old days of this site? I'm not as good as Zack or Jason but try to channel their style. But I do miss the old days when I looked up to my peers. But maybe we all need to realize WE are the new Jason and Zack. I talked to them on their live channels and played on the Multiplayer Unity Game but never got to meet them. We need to become the new generation that takes Jason Busby's stuff further. So all of you out there complaining of wanting or wishing. Become the Buzz man. I'm trying to.
~George Lecakes
Rowan VR Center