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    IM looking to drop php as way to start learning python.

    As a programmer i have been dealing in html css javascript and php mostly. My php knowledge isnt the best in the wolrd but I stalled learning a bit because I had enough to get done what i needed to do. While i do spend any little spare time i have learning new thing about php laravel and oop. I am seriously beginning to question if Im not just better off starting to learn pythong as a programming language.

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    I'm in the same boat as far as knowing just enough php to get by, though I intend to continue my learning. Still, although php is probably not going anywhere anytime soon, it seems like server-side JavaScript is the way forward with software like Node.JS.
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    Python is a great general purpose language with many applications. With your website background, you will probably take to Django like a fish to water. But, Python is so much more.
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