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    Remember when...

    Remember when we had the "most active members" list on the front page? Everyone was dukin' it out for top spot. Create a thread in the lounge, refresh 2 minutes later and you're already on page 2.

    Remember when Zak would give one of his famous smack downs when someone was trolling up the forums? Those were so fun to read.

    Remember when hundreds of people would flock the IRC channel when a live show was about to go on? ...And fried chicken...

    Remember when Buzz and team toured the world and met up with the members? I was a shy, awkward teen then. I regret not going and meeting the guys.

    Remember when video tutorials were fun, engaging, and had heart?

    Remember when this website gave you a sense of belonging?

    Do you remember the respect commanded by Jason "Buzz" Busby, the man responsible for it all?

    I remember these things. And I miss these things from time to time. I miss Jason, Zak, Angela, the whole 3DBuzz crew, and all the members of the community. It might sound incredibly silly, but my eyes are a bit misty right now. I grew up with this community through my teens and into my mid 20's. Now I'm in my 30's looking back, not with sadness, but with fondness and nostalgia.

    And I'll never forget.

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    Yes. I remember. Buzz and co. gave me so much.
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    Smile Those were the Good old days

    Although I am not a regular visitor, I would visit from time to time.3D Buzz was full of users buzzing around back then. It was one of the very few sites that offered very good training.Yes, I remember my very first Maya tutorial featuring Buzz. Although I was a 3dsMAX user. They were so motivated that made me motivated to learn it too.Now everything is changed, with more 2 min tutorials where everything is available by anyone and everyone with good content or not.
    I miss Jason, Zak, and everyone. I am too in my 30's now. People like them are what made most of us today. Looking back now I too feel sadness and nostalgia.
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    I remember when I watched XNA 101 vol 1-3 with Jason and Logan. It was around 2008 I think and I had just bought my 46'' screen that I hooked up my computer to and watched it all from early mornings to late evenings in the summer. I still consider it to be the best tutorial I have ever done. When I think about it I connect it with warmth and I have a feeling that the sun was shining a lot.

    Jason and Logan made me love programming. I wonder what Logan is doing today or where he's working? And oh my god that is 10 years ago and it feels like 3-4 years ago.

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    I remember trying to translate what they were doing in Max and Maya to Blender long before Zak's Blender course.
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    Yeah those where the golden days...
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    I remember calling into the radio show!
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    i remember staying up all night waiting for the ADP course announcement after Jason had teased that something big was coming.

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    I'm super humbled and grateful to be mentioned at all and always love running into 3D Buzz folks when I'm traveling (I meet them pretty often all around the world, actually).

    The training videos were a blast; I learned a lot and I still love getting to explain things to people (I still do it in my job at Epic). Though I will say I'm actually kinda glad I moved past having to "smack down" people on the forums. That was... a different time.

    Whatever folks are doing out there, I hope you're still learning and being successful! I'll always be grateful for the time I spent with 3D Buzz and the great folks here.

    Cheers to all and Happy New Year!

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    I have such fond memories of this place. I recently had to move twice and each time a big sorting of old stuff in storage. Found my old 3dBuzz DVD's and even though i have almost no use of them i could't bear to throw it out. I miss how great this community was and how uplifting everybody was. How there would be a genuine interest in improving each others skills and just in general hand out with some amazing people.

    Now a days i'm trying to optimize my every day quite as much as i can since i have very limited time, but this websites bookmark i never get rid of. I check in once in a while just to see it's there. Comforting somehow and wish i could do something meaningful to breathe life into the community as it gave me so much back then and i genuinely miss it.

    I'm not the best wordsmith as you can propably read but long story shorty... i miss this place and all the people who made it what it was. It was a community ahead of it's time with some of the best members i have seen. Hope you're all good and hope at some point to re-connect with some of you.

    Cheers to all the amazing people who made this place!
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