Remember when we had the "most active members" list on the front page? Everyone was dukin' it out for top spot. Create a thread in the lounge, refresh 2 minutes later and you're already on page 2.

Remember when Zak would give one of his famous smack downs when someone was trolling up the forums? Those were so fun to read.

Remember when hundreds of people would flock the IRC channel when a live show was about to go on? ...And fried chicken...

Remember when Buzz and team toured the world and met up with the members? I was a shy, awkward teen then. I regret not going and meeting the guys.

Remember when video tutorials were fun, engaging, and had heart?

Remember when this website gave you a sense of belonging?

Do you remember the respect commanded by Jason "Buzz" Busby, the man responsible for it all?

I remember these things. And I miss these things from time to time. I miss Jason, Zak, Angela, the whole 3DBuzz crew, and all the members of the community. It might sound incredibly silly, but my eyes are a bit misty right now. I grew up with this community through my teens and into my mid 20's. Now I'm in my 30's looking back, not with sadness, but with fondness and nostalgia.

And I'll never forget.