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    Websites development and gutenberg.

    So i sure many of you hate wordpress and php but its a quick and easy way to make money and consumers love it despite all your efforts in explaining the pitfalls of bad themes, code bloat and security issues. Gutenberg is coming out on the version 5 update giving users something they already had in the form of plugins, a page builder... wht do you guys think i think we are about to see a generation of business owners trying to design their own websites. I see alot of similar badly written websites spanning evn more across the web than before. I see web development the lower end of it falling out. I see lots of opportunity to be that fix when business owners realise this.

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    wordpress will always be cash money in the bank if your the guy fixing it...customers love it cause they think its simple and something they can do by themselves, then they realize they are in over their head and call a web guy to fix things.
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