I know that this site is really focused on 3D work, but I'd like to share *something* to try to help boost this community a little. So even though it's not 3D work, I know most of us here are gamers, so here's some pixel art I'm working on for a project I'm working on.

This is a forest scene for a 2D platformer.
I welcome all feedback and critique, positive or negative. I myself notice dozens of flaws in this, but I want to try to gauge which ones are as bad as I think, and which ones I'm only seeing because I've been staring at this too long. So point out them flaws.

I'm loosely following the restrictions for SNES backgrounds. I'm not actually counting the number of tiles, but I am keeping everything within appropriate tile sizes and trying to keep the number of tiles looking close to what I've seen other SNES games do.

Main character sprite included.