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    Jumping back into this again

    Hi all,

    I decided to jump back into this project last week and make some changes and I was wondering if anyone is interested.

    Here is what I am currently working on.

    1. Move to supporting Task, Task<T>, and an async await format instead of Deferred. Unity supports this now. I left Deferred in and created extensions to wrap either inside of the other. COMPLETE
    2. Wrapped Unity's Co-Routine so that it can be async awaited as a Task. COMPLETE
    3. Re-organizing the project as it got a little bit jumbled towards the end. ALMOST COMPLETE
    4. Getting rid of any Photon references in the framework and game level. Everything will be interface driven with only the top layer injecting the Transport it needs. INVESTIGATING
    5. Getting rid of Photon's IFiber for concurrent action execution. Created a custom IConcurrencyContext interface and concrete ConcurrenyThread class to take its place. COMPLETE
    6. Changing the code gen system so that it is dynamic in built in with hidden files. INVESTIGATING
    7. Moving everything to .Net Standard so that it can run on anything (transport dependent). TESTED ON A COPIED PROJECT WITH SUCCESS
    8. Get rid of all checked in binaries and move to nuget based packages (Planning on making a set of Photon nuget packages for easy hosting and deployment) IN PROGRESS
    9. Add a scale-able NoSQL style dataset / actor framework for non relational data. INVESTIGATING
    10. Website will be rebuilt with ASP.Net MVC Core and a lot of design changes.
    11. Look into Unity's new Entity Component System that will replace MonoBehaviours in the next year or two.

    If anyone is interested I could share the code potentially. Don't know where I will host it as I use Visual Studio Team Services for source code / project management and I host everything on Azure.

    I am going out of town for 2 weeks, but I am going to be planning this out and trying to execute on this when I return. Just wanted to get a feeler out for if anyone was interested.
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