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    How do I create a skybox within Maya?

    I've been thinking about creating some skyboxes for a game I'm creating. I can create the scene within Maya easily enough, but I'm unsure about how to create my skybox textures. I thought at first that I should be able to simply rotate my camera to each direction and render each of the six images, but then I realized that they wouldn't like up *exactly* enough to avoid problems on the seams. At the very least, not without some careful adjustment of settings and possibly setting up my scene properly. But I am unsure what these settings need to be.

    Are there any options within Maya to easily create a skybox or a cubemap from my scene? And if not, what kind of settings would I need to set with my camera and renders to make sure that the edges of my renders line up properly?
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    Geez, it's been forever since I posted anything here, but check out the video in this link I think it will help you out with making a double sided texture for your sky box/sky sphere.
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