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    What a bummer that C++ doesn't have a built in GUI toolkit

    That has always bothered me. I love the language and the syntax and how easy it is to send output to the screen. But I have discovered long ago that creating GUI programs in C++ is... well to me it looks extremely complicated and downright frightening.

    I'd like to ask is the reason C++ doesn't have a built in GUI framework because the language actually came out, what was it in the early 80's?

    And back then nobody had a personal computer because they didn't exist yet?

    And there was no such thing as a graphical user interface?

    Or are there other reasons why the creator of the language didn't include a GUI toolkit?


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    NOt really an issue when you look at the stats of markup languages , java first then c then python i think c++ was 8th with php 9th both heading on a crash course. Sucks that i spent time learning php and now it will become a thing of th past to something like python. I need another backen language but i dont want to jump on the millennia python bandwagon so im thinking c , its not going anywhere

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