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    Suggestion needed for making 2d animation video.


    I am working on a freelance project designing and creating a production companies end logo that will bookend all their cable shows that will air on such cable stations as TLC/Discovery to mention a few. I'm not sure what kind of money I should charge. It will include 3D logo design and 2d App Intro integrated into After Effects for final compositing using camera and object motion tracking from C4D to match 3D layers in After Effects. Please help me with your suggestions.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    YOu are using after effects and not premiere on this project ? Interesting. It depends d you charge per project or per hourly rate. As a graphic designer i am sure you know how it goes, design a awesome video and logo for the client, present it on deadline , they love the designs but want a few changes here and there . It then almost ends up being an entirely new project that looked half as good as what you designed. I would go with an initial fee and then an hourly rate. Clients can get really out of hand with changes when they arent paying for it. You however as a graphic designer pay for it with your time.

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