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    Please consider changing the look of the homepage

    I have been hesitating to say anything since the new site launch but something has really been bothering me.
    I really think that the look of the home page of the site is not good.
    I am just talking about visual design here and nothing about functionality.

    There is a big chunk of plain text at the top and then three massive boring graphics.

    To me "live classes" and "live workshops" are pretty much the same
    and should be combined. Also why does an anvil and hammer represent workshops?

    Maybe the old site had limitations but visually it was really nice.
    I was working on a project with a graphic designer a few years ago
    and I wanted to show him something on As soon
    as he opened the homepage of the site he immediately said "Wow nice site".

    I am sure under the hood of the new website things are purring nicely
    but lets get a graphic designer take a look at that homepage.

    Programmers and Graphic Designers both bring necessary and complementary skill sets to the table.

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    We are working behind the scenes on quite a bit in regards to the website, stay tuned for more updates in that regard. But I'm not sure we're both seeing the same homepage. The homepage as of two years ago does not have any mention of live classes or workshops, and it is almost entirely content (such as recent products, recent forum threads, blog posts, etc). Are you perhaps looking at a cached version? When the new site launched in 2013 the homepage looked like what you described, however it has not for a few years.
    Need any help? Feel free to PM me - or send an email directly to!

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    2013 look

    2013-2014 (1)

    2013-2014 (2)

    2014, present

    my suggestion for a temporary fix - @2014

    since I still have the style for the temporary fix, I will add it here.
    .introduction, section{padding:10px;}section{border:2px solid #333;}section h1, section h1 * {    color: #F08801 !important;border-bottom:2px solid #222;}.introduction{padding:10px !important;}.introduction p strong{color:#F08801;}.button, .list-box a.view-all {    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #F08801;}.list-box .actions a.learn-more {    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #333;    border-bottom: 5px solid #F08801;}.list-box .actions a.learn-more,.button, .list-box a.view-all,section h1, section h1 *{font-weight:bold !important;}html body .left-content .topics li .sub-topics {    color: #F08801;    font-size: 12px;}.list-box .actions a.learn-more:hover {    background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% #333;}.list-box a.view-all:hover {    background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% #f0aa01;}

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    Quote Originally Posted by florem View Post
    my suggestion for a temporary fix - @2014

    since I still have the style for the temporary fix, I will add it here.
    Yeah, I really like the improvement suggestions you have. Just in terms of colors, and styling and what-not.

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