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    Are Parallax Websites SEO-Friendly?

    No one can deny how cool the parallax web designs seem to be, and how popular they are among people, I have been asked many questions as to whether these websites can be ranked high on the search engines, draw traffic via search engines, or increase conversion rate or not. People ask things like, since parallax are based on one page then you optimize content, and if you cannot optimize the content, how do you draw in visitors through search engines?

    Even if the traffic comes on your website, the visitors interested in content getting half way down your website, but they get at the beginning of the whole experience. Are they not going to bounce of your website if your website is not what they expected?
    Then again, when there are no pages on the site, how would your visitors achieve the desired goal?

    Moreover, though you could—by some means— persuade your website visitors to perform certain action, without pagination, how are you going to track your visitor activity with Analytics?

    For parallax or scrolling website, is there a specific time and place? Is it beneficial to follow this trend for many websites?
    I think “NO”, many readers will shout aloud in the favor of these websites, but in my views, the main objective of a website is to attract enough traffic and get the valuable leads converted into buyers. To put this short, “action” is what matters! A web development company in UAE can easily provide you parallax website, but make sure to ask your developer if he recommends it or not! If your parallax website can drive conversions, that is good, but if it cannot then what is the point of investing in such site?

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    Parallax was a really good looking website design idea and it hit like a fad, However users and webmaster quickly found that there where compatibility issues, slower load times and all these things simply outweighed a better user experience. Google realised this too and started dropping the site with bad user metrics. I mean if you look at what google is promoting now its AMP. THe simplest form of a website with almost no java script, no animation just images text and buttons... why because thats what sells.

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