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    Swift Vs Objective-C

    I'm passionate about programming, but being a beginner would like to get ideas on Swift, Rust, F, Scala and Go. Off late, I happened to hear a lot about Swift for their flexibility in coding operating systems. A friend of mine advised me to go ahead with Rust.
    Wondering which one to start with Swift or Objective-C? My friend suggests Rust for its traits and immutability.
    I heard that Swift has efficient memory management. But I’m short of time. Compared to Objective- C, I guess swift is much easier. Found few benefits in an article( Anticipating valuable guidance on Swift Vs Objective-C?

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    Swift works for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

    The basic concepts of Swift are similar to Objective-C at its core, such as the extensible programming, dynamic dispatch, and late binding.

    But Swift stands apart in terms of its ability to catch software bugs. It also addresses things like null pointers, which are common programming errors.

    With a significantly higher program speed than Objective-C, Swift is a clear favourite in terms of developer preference.

    However i would still say given this that working with what you are comfortable with or have better knowledge of , would outweigh these benefits as they are not so far apart.

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