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Thread: Moving to Azure

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    Moving to Azure

    As the title says, I am moving my domains to Azure.

    What I am looking for is advice on what plan do I need in relation to moving my two domain names and what do I need to setup my production deployment. I know that I need to set up basically the same as my staging server but I am not sure about using Azure.

    Thanks in advance for the advice.
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    Hi Matroblend,
    Not sure if you are already done or not, but I set up my MVCBlog site on azure, i can probably help a little bit. What questions would you have?

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    If you are going to move to Azure you first need to device on what functionality you want to leverage.

    Cloud based systems are IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS.
    Infrastructure as a Service is traditional VMs and virtual devices. You are responsible for everything. This is similar to the setup from the MMO videos where VMs were setup locally.
    Platform as a Service is where a system runs your code for you. For websites this means that you dont setup IIS or anything like that, you say "here host this site for me" and it handles where to host it and how to scale it. For a deployment like Photon, you would need to create a custom service of sorts that it can run that will install and run photon.
    Software as a Service is where you are interacting with another piece of software directly. Think databases that are not managed by you.

    If you are trying to migrate everything as it currently is to be hosted in Azure, it would be the most straight forward to just use the IaaS system to create your own VM or VMs to do everything.

    I like to host my systems through the other two if possible as I find it much easier to not have to manage a system or worry about security updates.

    I don't remember how the deployment setup was in the MMO videos as I didn't like it and rolled my own but you will need an environment for each full project. That means you will have 2 databases, 2 websites, 2 windows servers running photon.

    Is there anything specific that you need to know or just generalizations?

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