Feels that there are alot of people interested in this MMO project - Here I have to say that it is a privilege for me to be here aswell, thanks.

I was thinking about the whole "student interaction" stuff when this MMO IRC Channel idea came to my mind.

Yes, i know there is already a 3DBuzz IRC channel, I've been there. There's alot of people, defenetly few or more users participate in this class aswell, but what I am saying is that for newcomers or even other students it's quite hard to fit in.

I don't mean "fit in" as means of asking question and getting help (In 3DBuzz channel everyone is helpfull and understandable), i mean fit in as creating our own way to reach to each othe easily on the purpose of bigger goal.

We don't know each other (atleast I don't), we have more or less same topic to discuss about, same interests and we all start from the clean sheet.

Sorry, if this have been already discussed. (I've missed it then).