Spark is one of the one of the car brands from the United States. This is one of the most popular cars in many countries in the world. In addition to being voted the most expensive five-year car by the KBB magazine, Spark is honored to receive more than 30 other global awards for dynamic urban design, modern interiors and Superior safety .... And is popular in more than 140 countries.
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General Motors is a US car company with a history of over 100 years, dating back to 1911. It is one of the top automakers in the world's top sales. In the past, American automakers have not focused on the market in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, so leaving the market for small cars City Car for Kia Morning and Hyundai i10 Grand is a pity for you. The leader of GM. Starting in 2015, Chevrolet hopes to regain its market share in the past two years.
This is one of the most popular cars in the line of cheap cars due to fuel consumption of only 5.1 lit / 100km, the strength of the frame near the dominant, 1.2L engine 4 powerful machines. This is also the car was chosen to buy business Uber Taxi, Grab Taxi ...
Chevrolet Spark version of his robot
Picture Chevrolet Spark Robot in Transformers movie popular
You can completely buy this great car at a very low cost through installment payments. Only about 20% of the car value, estimated at about 70 million in cash, is the purchase of a car. Interest rates are based on medium-term interest rates of banks, now many banks have preferential interest rates from more than 0.6% a month, that is with 100 million debt you lose more than 600 thousand interest a month.
So just spend between 120 million to 150 million that you can own a new Chevrolet Spark 2016
+ In Hanoi: car money from 70 million + registration costs nearly 70 million more => total = 140 million cars
+ In other provinces: car money from 70 million + registration costs nearly 40 million more => total = 110 million cars
Suppose: A minimum amount of money spent on buying Chevrolet Spark is as follows
???? Up to 80% of the loan amount is 20% = 339 × 20% = 68 million
???? The amount you owe = 339 - 68 = 271 million
???? Monthly interest payable = 271 x 0.65% = 1.7 million
???? Principal pay for 7 years = 271: 84 months = 3.2 million
? So the total amount of principal and interest monthly when you spend the minimum amount is 1.7 + 3.2 = 4.9 million

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For vehicles to roll, you will lose additional registration costs, registration, road toll, registration tax .... This cost falls to about 40 million for the provinces and about 70 million for the people in the Hanoi area according to government regulations for the car line.

With a price range of over $ 300 million for a famous five-seat GM car, invite friends and car to find out what the Chevrolet Spark has something attractive that customers love. Like that.


The Chevrolet Spark has a bold American look with its wide body embossed lines along the front and front of the car that form a strong, harmonious and harmonious mass. Target customers who love form, love the youth, breaking the way; Chevrolet equips its car with an impressive exterior: large grille, chromed fog lamp, halogen headlamps, slider headlamps, integrated rearview mirror. And plenty of other equipment along with a size designed for optimum travel in the city, this is one of the great options with over $ 300 million available to customers.
Although in the small car segment, the interior space of the Chevrolet Spark is quite spacious thanks to its neat layout design, plus the larger and taller dimensions of the car are slightly better than the same car. segment. With the Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LT version, the car is equipped with high quality leather seats with car interior to create a harmonious space in color. This version is equipped with a solid 3-spoke steering wheel, 5-speed gearbox with gearshift is designed quite at the user's fingertips.

If anyone has been in front of the steering wheel of the car will not be surprised with the tablo of the car is very harmonious and reasonable layout with the highlight is the clocks are designed in the style of the sports car stool Large blocks perfectly match the outline of the exterior of the car. The tablo media area is well organized with controls in the most convenient position for the user.
Along with being luxuriously furnished, you will be amazed to learn that even with just over $ 300 million, Spark is equipped with a number of amenities including remote control keys, High-end CD / MP3 / AM-FM radio, 6-way adjustable driver seat, 2-way air conditioner,
Especially, your arcs will be fun and light