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    I recently bought course on udemy about android development and there was yora-playground web service dose any one know what is happening with that . Can any one get Nelson or Steeve to post source code of webservice or something , i know it is lot to ask but if any 1 have source code it would be awesome now course is no worth with no web service but still it is pretty awesome to see that development happening, and i am sad that Nelson left i enjoy his long videos . Any way i hope i got answer soon. I can help in any thing . Best wishes, have a nice day.
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    why dont you contact the udemy instructor that made the course? usually they answer pretty fast I have subscribed to a bunch of things off various sites like that and usually get answers within a day or two tops.

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    Hey Crow, sent you a PM but for anyone else the web server is working. However, when you initially load it, it can take 30 sec to a couple minutes to spool up. If you haven't used it for 15-20 minutes it will spool down again to save resources on our system.

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    Hello friends, I am a new member of this forum and I also wish to study about android development. We all know the importance of android in this developing world and it is better to know about it.

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