This is something I was thinking about today, and I will admit up-front that I don't really know how to quantify this into a proper answer. Even so, how much game content do you think it would take for a game to be worth spending a dollar on, or possible two dollars? By which I mean if you came across a game on Steam or whatever platform you prefer, saw that it was just a buck and thought it looked interesting, what would be about the smallest or least amount of content it could have where you would feel satisfied with that dollar you spent? And what if it was two dollars?

Now I know this isn't something that can really be define in concrete terms; there have been games like Flappy Bird which offer almost no content at all yet people spend hours playing, you could play a classically-styled game that might have a couple dozen levels those levels are bland and uninteresting. "Worth" isn't something that can usually be described very well.

But i want to try to look beyond my own experiences and my on conceptions of what is enjoyable and what is worth money. If you can quantify your thoughts here or otherwise adequately describe them, I would like to hear what you have to say.