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    Doin' the MMO vids again - including all simpleblog stuff

    I needed to rebuild my PC and because the MMO project uses a lot more than the BitBucket repository, I decided to start the project again and go really slow and try to get the most out of it - ie not just get the results on-screen but to understand the stuff in it.

    I also decided to add in the best bits of the "Comprehensive ASP.NET MVC course", so expect some diversions along the way as they are added in to the website.


    Video 3 - Setting up our Projects
    * Bitbucket and Sourcetree are now more tightly linked allowing a fairly painless setup of your version control starting with linked accounts. Nice if you want to use Bitbucket.
    * Since the vids, a few more versions of .net have become available. I decided to give 4.6.1 a try instead of 4.5.1 for the non unity projects. I remember trying that once before with some bad results. Let's see what happens this time especially in Photon differences between v3 and v4.
    * In mid-March 2017 Visual Studio 2017 became available. I'm using that now.
    * Unity3d now creates a folder of your project name under the location. Odd but no big deal once you 'get' it. (I wish the Unity3d front end had a delete button.)
    * Creating the web project in VS2017 was a little bit different. ASP.NET is a single option now. Once you hit ok you can tick the box to create an empty project as well as tick the MVC box. When installing VS, you do need the ASP.NET option so make sure it's ticked.
    * Visual Studio 2017 and Resharper now has TeamCity addins as well as .git pushes built in. I decided to ignore all that goodness until later and just let Visual Studio create it's own separate .git repository. TeamCity has probably changed somewhat. Microsoft do push their own hosting providers a lot now.
    * Resharper Options|General has a pull down to select where you store the cache. To get it the way Nelson has it, select "Solution Folder". Yep just so we can ignore the "_ReSharper.Caches" folder in the project it when we do a commit.
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