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    Yikes. A few issues to sort through here.
    Question: do I go with v4 of Photon or do I used 3-4-30 and upgrade it later like Nelson did? I took the easy way out and stayed with v3 of Photon. This means I don't have to post all the edits to get Photon to work at all - it's even broken in this video creating the peer class, so i just looked like a pain. Besides we can upgrade later ... right!?

    Also I ran into an unexpected issue with Slow Cheetah. It installed as an extension just fine but when I did a transform it told me it was out of date and it would refuse to use the transform files in a build. It gave a link to a discussion about the problem.

    The link took me to a webpage telling me I had to use a latest version of Slow Cheetah in VS2017 and gave me a link to how to install it as a NuGet package. Thing is, we don't want a NuGet install, we want an extension installed otherwise you can't right click to create the transform. And the other thing is, we already have the latest version of Slow Cheetah v2.5.48. You don't want to follow their uninstall procedure either as it involves extensive edits of csproj files.

    So a bit a bind here - either install it as a NuGet package and not have a right-click menu to use it, OR installed it as an extension and have it tell me it was out of date and won't run.

    The solution, or rather the workaround, is to install both the extension and the NuGet package. You might laugh but my defence is that it works

    ** Edit. An update of Visual Studio actually installed Slow Cheetah by itself and when I asked it to do a transform it said it should install the NuGet package. After clicking ok it all worked. No need to install the extension at all.

    Video done and we move on.
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