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    030 Stub Photon

    Yikes. A few issues to sort through here.
    Question: do I go with v4 of Photon or do I used 3-4-30 and upgrade it later like Nelson did? I took the easy way out and stayed with v3 of Photon. This means I don't have to post all the edits to get Photon to work at all - it's even broken in this video creating the peer class, so i just looked like a pain. Besides we can upgrade later ... right!?

    Also I ran into an unexpected issue with Slow Cheetah. It installed as an extension just fine but when I did a transform it told me it was out of date and it would refuse to use the transform files in a build. It gave a link to a discussion about the problem.

    The link took me to a webpage telling me I had to use a latest version of Slow Cheetah in VS2017 and gave me a link to how to install it as a NuGet package. Thing is, we don't want a NuGet install, we want an extension installed otherwise you can't right click to create the transform. And the other thing is, we already have the latest version of Slow Cheetah v2.5.48. You don't want to follow their uninstall procedure either as it involves extensive edits of csproj files.

    So a bit a bind here - either install it as a NuGet package and not have a right-click menu to use it, OR installed it as an extension and have it tell me it was out of date and won't run.

    The solution, or rather the workaround, is to install both the extension and the NuGet package. You might laugh but my defence is that it works

    ** Edit. An update of Visual Studio actually installed Slow Cheetah by itself and when I asked it to do a transform it said it should install the NuGet package. After clicking ok it all worked. No need to install the extension at all.

    Video done and we move on.
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    031 Deploy Photon - Intro to MSDeploy

    This one was difficult because MSDeploy was already installed on my computer probably from IIS but maybe from Visual Studio. Dunno.
    Anyway, it didn't have the two extra features enabled - IIS Deployment Handler or Remote Agent Service.

    This problem had been discussed in the forums already:

    Since the application was installed, it appeared in Control Panel | All Control Panel Items | Programs and Features.
    So right clicking "Microsoft Web Deploy 3.6" and selecting "change" allowed me to install extra features. However only the Remote Agent Service was there. No sign of IIS Deployment Handler, because my PC is not a server. Installing it on Windows 2012 server and the option is there. So it all boils down to a smart installer not offering to install a feature it cannot use.

    I mention all this at length knowing it's already been discussed in the forums, but since I am doing a sort of blog video by video, it seemed necessary to go over it again.

    The other weird scenario is with the debug-nelson config vs debug vs release.
    In the project's build properties, only debug-nelson builds to your local copy of photon. The others build to the build\debug and build\release folders by default. So when doing the commandline msbuild you do need either the debug or prod Env variable in the command line to get any output since the bin\Debug-Nelson folders should be empty unless you compiled it before setting the build path.

    I hope that made sense.
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    032 Deploy Website

    Strictly speaking there were no problems doing this video because all the errors I got were the same ones Nelson saw.
    MSDeploy is a fine example of why I don't do so well in Linux. Long command lines with strict syntax are no fun at all.

    But now the BuzzMMOBuild.proj file is done we are nearly ready to deal with the all new improved TeamCity. Almost.

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    033 Deploy Remotely

    I had forgotten how frustrating this video was.

    If you happen to need the C++ Redistributable package for VS2017, then you will have a lot of trouble locating it.
    Here is a link:
    Go right to the bottom and expand the "Other Tools and Frameworks"

    Another thing that drove me mad until I calmed down and thought about it, was when creating a deploytoken to upload the client or launcher to your new mmo.3dbuzz.sta website, make sure you create the token based on your workstation's ip address, and not the ip address of the staging server. I was so annoyed that I missed that for an hour.

    034 Intro to TeamCity

    For some reason I enjoy doing the Team City vids.
    I've mentioned this before but I will again - I did install Visual Studio 2017 on my Continuous Integration server which is running Windows Server 2012 R2. Nelson didn't but then again he was using the Professional Edition of VS and that costs money. Community VS2017 is free and so it made life a lot easier.
    I also made sure that Web Deploy 3.6 was installed and that the Visual C++ Redist 2017 packages were installed.

    Then, I ran my ancient copy of Team City. Much to my surprise it offered to upgrage to V10.05 and did so completely successfully. It goes through all of the config steps just like a new install, so I don't feel like a complete cheat.

    Because I have VS2017 installed I was able to configure the MSBuild Build Step to use "Microsoft Build Tools 2017" and to use v15.0 of the ToolsVersion. After all the frustration of the previous video it was satisfying to see it grab my project from BitBucket and build it successfully. Believe me, using VS2017 on the CI server is painfree compared to what Nelson went through on the video.

    035 TeamCity - Photon

    No problems getting Photon to work on my production server via a Team City deployment. Remember, I'm using Photon v3-4-30, not v4.
    My Photon server is Windows Server 2012 R2 running as a member server, no IIS, nuffin. Because I am using LAN redirects, it's as simple as can be. There isn't even stuff in the C:\Windows\System32\InetSrv folder to worry about.
    My environment variable in TeamCity for PhotonDeployFolder is in fact a unc connection "\\gameserver1\photon\photon-3-4-30\deploy". Photon and TeamCity handle a Windows Domain really well.

    036 TeamCity - ASP.NET

    This one went smoothly as well. I installed the VS2017 C++ Redist packages on my Web server and upgraded my Web Deploy to v3.6.
    Then I backed up my old MySQL database and stopped the server. Then ran the newest MySQL installer which happily did an upgrade. I then totally deleted my old database for the MMO project so it could be rebuilt for me automatically. All went without a hitch. As usual if you have done it before it's likely to be easy.

    Then I updated my BuzzMMOBuild.proj file to reflect the production domain, and finally the Parameters.Production.config file to point to my server.domain name, and the new database name.

    After deleting the entire website folders structure except for the Uploads folder, I did a deploy with TeamCity and it worked! I could log on and was able to add a few posts, tags and other things.

    Once again I enjoyed this one. I am sorry if you had trouble with it, but networking is my one area of competence

    I have separate computers for my Photon server, web server and TeamCity server. The database sits on my web server. I did this mainly to prove all this stuff could be split over multiple computers rather than just the one that Nelson uses. It all works beautifully.

    037 TeamCity - Launcher and Client

    Worked like a charm. Just remember, the DeployToken is for the computer where TeamCity is located. If that's on the same computer as the website, then it's okay to use

    In my case, my teamcity computer is on, so that's the DeployToken I created for distributing clients and launchers and the token I used in TeamCity Parameter called env.DeployToken.

    That's the end of the TeamCity videos. Pity, I'd love to spend more time exploring it. Fortunately the upgrade from v8 that Nelson used to the currently available v10 was trivial. (Oh yes, when it pops up and offers to update Java, do allow it. I should have mentioned that earlier....)

    038 Launcher - Self Update

    The self-updating launcher worked well. No real problems with this video.
    Somehow I managed to get several versions of the NewtonSoft.Json package in my solution. Not sure how that happened - it was possibly because by default dependant packages are installed to their lowest supported version and not the latest.

    In Visual Studio, at least for me, it's occasionally worth checking Tools | Nuget Package Manager | Manage Nuget Packages for Solution.
    The list of packages for each project can be easily checked for their versions on one screen. Very handy. I've seen database stuff not work because the version of MySql.Data was different between projects.

    039 Launcher - Databinding
    040 Launcher - Main UI

    No problems at all with these short videos.

    041 Launcher - Finalization

    End of chapter 10. No problems with this video.
    We now have a website, a self-updating launcher and self-updating client. And don't forget we (or I unless you've added in the SimpleBlog stuff) now have a blog on the website too!

    CHAPTER 11
    043 Component Map - Part 1

    No problems with this video. NUnit and FluentAssertions have received a lot of updates. They both have major version number upgrades. Both seem to work ok so far.

    044 Component Map - Part 2
    045 Component Map - Part 3
    046 Component Map - Part 4
    047 Component Map - Part 5
    048 Component Map - Part 6
    049 Component Map - Part 7
    050 Component Map - Finishing Up
    051 Simple Binary Serializer - Part 1
    052 Simple Binary Serializer - Part 2
    053 Simple Binary Serializer - Part 3
    054 Type Registry
    055 Server Systems Stub
    056 Server Systems Implementation Part 1
    057 Server Systems Implementation Part 2
    058 Server Systems Implementation Part 3
    059 Bug Fixes
    060 Client Stub
    061 Client Console
    062 Client Implementation
    063 Testing Implementation
    064 Unity Implementation
    065 Deployment
    066 Unity Configuration Part 1

    No problems with these videos. Hey, if there was something worthy of comment, I'd say so. It was just typing stuff for these videos and importing the odd NuGet package which all worked at the latest versions. It's quite satisfying that 4 year old code basically still works in the latest versions!

    A bit of a tip. We add the Castle.core and Autofac package to a few new projects in these vids. I suggest you add them from the Visual Studio "Tools | NuGet Package Manager | Manage NuGet Packages for Solution" menu so you can more easily keep the release versions consistent between projects. Having different versions of NuGet packages scattered around different projects is a potential bug which might be hard to track down.

    By the way, I am using Unity 5.5.2f1
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    I have that same problem too!

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    Hi OldnGrey,

    are you just keeping a log of trials & tribulations of the MVC / MMO videos, or any other purpose? I will definitely come check this thread out again as I catch up - i'm working the MVC ones again presently... almost done with data chapter. So for that, thank you!

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    Yes it is good

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    I'm doing this for 3 reasons:
    1. To make sure Visual Studio 2017 and .net 4.6.1 works. (Yeah, .net 4.7 was just released, but oh well.....). Also to keep track of any upgrade issues with the NuGet packages.
    2. To get the SimpleBlog code into the MMO project including all the attack fixes and the blog stuff
    3. To keep the MMO project alive in case we can actually finish chapter 12 and walk around and see each other.
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