I'm not sure how long this has been going on, since I haven't been shaping landscape (Been focused on scripts and testing the character), but at some stage, I've managed to lose the ability to see the blue brush on the ground regardless of brush size or opacity. I can still raise/lower, smooth, and paint trees and anything else, but can't see the brush to figure out how much of the land that's actually going to impact.

As a test, I duplicated the terrain and deleted the existing one. Same problem. I then deleted the duplicate and made a fresh terrain, and the same problem existed. So, it seems to have nothing to do with the terrain itself.

I made a new scene and I went to an old scene. Those worked fine in every way. In both of those, I was using the same Terrain Toolkit import, so it clearly has nothing to do with the import.

It seems to be a specific problem with the scene. A few places recommended going to Window->Layouts->Default, which I've done three times now and it hasn't fixed it (Though I did manage to find a layout I like more by trying out other layouts to see if it made a difference). Another place recommended restarting the computer, which I figured wouldn't have an impact... tried it anyway, and nothing different.

Yet another place recommended double-checking to see if collision was on on the terrain. I figured it'd've been impossible for collision to be off on the terrain and the character still moves over it, but decided to double-check. Of course it was on.

So it seems to be a specific problem with the specific scene. For kicks, I deleted the character from the scene to see if it may have somehow been an active script from the TPC videos interfering... still no luck.

Anyone have suggestions and/or had this happen before?