Hey all,

I was wondering if there was something I was just doing that was 'weird' or if I was somehow importing something wrong, or if Unity's just changed how they do things dramatically... or if the original model has always had this problem.

The character provided in the Third-Person camera set of videos is see-through, or ... clips itself, or something of that nature. After a little research, a lot of people suggest it might be the model's normals, but I'm wondering if this is an issue I'm the only one having, or if it's an actual issue that either I can fix (With only the FBX), or if someone else has already fixed?

Granted, I'm just using the character as a placeholder, so it won't be there any longer than I need it to be, but it'd be nice to have something presentable while I'm working on my own model, just to show the world off a little bit. Give a taste of the future, and all that.