Hello, I’ve modded some in the past, and recently I’ve got an “immersive camera system” going pretty good. It’s based on third person view, and I’ve gotten everything the way I want it, but when it came to modding the Vehicles nothing I did could change the default of the Vehicles “bOwnerNoSee” to a default of false, so the player's mesh would show, couldn't get it to work. Upon entering “Any” capable Vehicle, I want to see the player mesh appear from the first person view, for “immersion”. I know it’s corny, no animations and what not, but I really like this game and want to mod it more. My question is, “bOwnerNoSee = false” for Vehicles? how does one do this? I mean, I’ve tried putting code into my pawn class, my player class, and my mutator class but nothing works. I’ve even tried some of my silly scripts in “class extends vehicle” but to no avail. Any help would be very appreciated. I really like the look of this community, I truly, humbly, could use your help in solving this problem.

Trying to get the vehicles to show the driver mesh in first person, without having the mesh then there after appearing in first person view, on foot.

I've got My pawn working and my player controller working great, but the vehicles don't seem to get affected by my scripts.
I don't know, I'd really REALLY appreciate some ideas with this. Any tips or anything really, would be helpful too. Thanks for hearing me out.