As many of you may have noticed, there have been some changes happening lately on the website and a much-needed explanation is deserved.

3D Buzz has had great success for the past 12 years offering many different educational experiences. It has been there to help anyone who could not afford to pay for an expensive education and has given countless students classroom opportunities otherwise unattainable. However, as with the normal flow of time, people get sick, people move on, or people find new opportunities to follow which we have all witnessed during the many years of this companies life. During this last year and a half, 3D Buzz has relied on just two people for content creation and the upkeep of the company. They have stayed this long because they didn't want to give up on the members that have grown to be a part of our family.

Over the past few years, Nelson and Steve became the backbone of the company, trying to stay on top of everything and keep the company going all on their own. Unfortunately, this has just become too much for a couple people to accomplish and keep up with. Nelson has reached a point in his life where he has decided to pursue less stressful ventures. He will be streamlining the company and giving out the source code to the MMO for anyone that has had over a years member sponsorship and has promised to finish what he has started and wrap things up in the meantime. Steve still volunteers his free time helping out the 3D Buzz members by working on his class and special projects trying to help keep things running smoothly.

In light of these new developments, I am now looking for other options to keep the company going. One of the options I've considered is opening up the doors to content creators who would like to get 100% of the profits for selling their content on the site and allowing the company streaming access of said content for member sponsors only to view. Any money made from the member sponsors would be the only income going to the company to continue paying for the servers which would keep the company running thus allowing new content to be added often. I am not positive on the logistics of how this would work yet and any suggestions would be welcome.

I have also considered selling the company, because, with just a couple of content creators and new management, I believe the company can breathe life again. There is still hope of continuing one person's dream of helping educate the world. I am extending an invitation to all the members, giving the first opportunity to discuss purchasing this company to one of you, therefore keeping it in the family.
We will only be soliciting serious offers, however, and hope everyone can appreciate the sensitivity in regards to Jason's health and these decisions.

In order to keep things simplistic during this time of transition, we will be changing out Annual Memberships to Monthly memberships effective immediately, with adjustment for term remaining on the annual membership. A notice will be sent out to all of our member sponsors as well as announcements regarding membership dues and any further information that you are requiring.

I am open to any suggestions or feedback from anyone willing to help make this site great again. Thank you for your support over the years, your friendship, and your dedication to keeping the dream alive as long as you have.

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you all,
Angela Busby