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    Best for particles?

    I'm just wondering what is the best 3d modelling software for things like particles and motion graphics? The reason I ask is because we are currently using Maya but are finding that as well as it being very unstable and crashing a lot it's also very technical rather than intuitive.

    Being a creative rather than technical person we're after a 3d package that isn't so technical. Ideally we'd like to create and animate things like smoke/cloud type particles without the use of hyper graphs and charts, hence my question.

    We've been using Maya for many years but are willing to learn anther application if one is better. I've downloaded a demo of Cinema 4D but it looks like the only way I can do that sort of thing (Thinking Particles) is to use hype graphs again. From a creative point of view this isn't the best as you can't flow so well.

    We use Mac's if that helps.

    Any advice/opinions would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance.
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