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    Photoshop: Layer Masks from Channel Selections


    Having trouble using a Layer Mask to create Highlights in a photo.

    I have an image of rhino skin I would like to really punch the highlights on in a targeted way and am not having success getting the 'stencil' effect I'm after.

    Here's what I'm trying to do

    I select the image layer and switch to the 'Channels' tab. I select the blue channel, duplicate it, adjust for contrast and Ctrl/Click the icon to make a selection of the lightest areas. I switch back to the 'Layers' tab, thinking I can now make a layer mask and use the Channel Selection as a stencil to paint with, but when I do that and try to paint (even though I can see the selection is in place), everything is colored, not just the 'Mask' areas. Can anyone help with what I'm missing? Thanks!


    Tim Lawrence
    Conservation Arts

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Why not take a new layer normally and paint on it?

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