Hi guys,

I'm totally baffled that we don't have access to the source code. I know this has always been the policy here at 3DBuzz, but for a project of this complexity I find it an impertinence to not have access to the source code, at least as a fallback in case one gets irrevocably stuck.
I just watched the first 15 or so hours of content and already ran into two situations where I've really missed the source code a lot. I lost hours and hours trying to track down the source of the problem. It's just frustrating and kills the fun part of learning to code and MMO. I don't even want to know how many similar situation will arise over the course of the entire series. If only the community here would be very active and could help out, but even that is not the case. At least I don't see much activity here. Or does the MMO series have its own dedicated channel?

Even the Mobile App Dev training kit was delivered with source code (I guess because of the complexity?) and now we are working on a full blown MMO or rather MOBA and get no access to Nelson's repository. Wow.

In my opinion, a provider of video training should make the learning process as much fun and as smooth as possible, with professional guidance and easy to follow chunks of information, no matter the complexity.
Especially the way the source code problem is handled here has always been a bad business decision. Training providers like Lynda or Plural Sight are lightyears ahead in the way they deliver content. Sure, they don't go as deep as developing an entire MMO, but if they did, they would do much more well thought out I'm sure.
I also hate the fact that after all these years, nobody at 3DBuzz told Nelson to slow down his typing. It's just extremely stressful to follow video training where the tutor is typing away at lightning speed. This is BAD TEACHING for god's sake! It's just extremely stressful to follow this teaching style for 100+ hours.

Now that Nelson will be leaving in a couple of months this project will be dead anyway, right? I heard we will get the source code when he leaves, but in the meantime it's the same frustrating situation.

I'm curious to know how you guys think about my points. I can't imagine I'm the first who complains.