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    Deploy Photon - Intro to MSBuild - Web Deploy higher version already installed

    Hello everyone.

    I have recently completed the Deploy Photon - Intro to MSBuild video in Chapter 10. I ran across an issue and thought it wise to post my solution.

    During the video, you download version 3.5 of Web Deploy from the site. The installation failed for me stating that there was already a higher version of Web Deploy installed on my system. I'm not exactly sure what installed it, but I found that version 3.6 of Web Deploy was installed. I checked with the installer (through the Add/Remove programs interface) and the installation options mentioned are no longer present.

    I was able to ignore the installation step as outlined in the video and found the files referenced by Nelson in the 3.6 installation directory.

    So, if you get the "higher version already installed" error, just skip the install step and keep going with the video. Everything you need is already there.

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    I had the same thing, but then, from somewhere that popped up magically (I really don't remember how) another version was downloaded and this one was installed without errors.
    Seriously, Nelson needs to put a new video with proper photon Update, we are all hanging at the ending video of chapter 12 now without a solution that would work :/ Also, I am not sure, but you may get in trouble with team city in future, I hope Nelson come up with a solution that wouldn't need team city too
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