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    Question How to make character turn the direction moving?

    Hello, I took the 3rd Person Controller tutorial and learned some stuff, however i was wondering how would I say, move a direction not based on camera movement, and have the character facing that direction? A reference game would be Rayman 3 as it still would have the snap forwards and what not, but how would I script this in C# for the movedirection?

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    Sorry for the late response.

    If I understand your post, you're basically wanting the camera to rotate based on the character's sort of movement, instead of having to use right-mouse and dragging to move the character's rotation?

    I believe the best way to do this is to make it so the camera moves by A and D instead of by holding the right mouse button, and give it a static speed that it always moves by when hitting either key. That would make the camera rotate, and therefore, the character's rotation would change the same way.

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