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    Photography Contest L: Airborne

    The theme is "Airborne"
    The subject in the picture doesn't need to be in a controlled flight while flying or floating through the air. As long as it is not in contact with the surface of the planet it can be considered airborne.

    The Deadline is 5th September 23:59 GTM+1

    For those of you wondering when that'll be in your local timezone, just go here:

    What are the rules?

    No photoshopping allowed, besides cropping and changing a picture to B&W or Sepia, and making panoramas.
    Post production editing is allowed. The editing done should be global, such as contrast, brightness, or overal tonal balancing (i.e. no sponge/dodge/burn, no brushes, vignetting, etc). Filters are prohibited. Any global editing should be used only to enhance the features that were captured in the shot to begin with. The only exception is converting to B&W or sepia.

    Tell us what you did, unless it's staring us right in the face, in which case you probably shouldn't have done it ^^

    If you want to, feel free to share your settings and how you arrived at your final photo.

    What equipment do I need?

    Well, as long as it can capture light and produce an image you can share with others, be it a analog camera, digital camera or maybe a cellphone camera, you are good to go.

    How do we submit the pictures?

    By posting them here in this thread. To make things easier for all of us, the kind and superior being that is mr_charisma has supplied a 3dbuzz photo contest script that magically makes your images 3dbuzz-forum-friendly! I suggest using that, but you are of course free to choose any imagehost you like!

    For those that intend to use the magic that mr_charisma conjured, the link is

    If there are any questions, just ask here.

    Now let the photography commence!
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