got the c++ and opengl pack, both the c# AI ones, cryengine(to go with the 20000 item strong cryengine humble bundle i got a while ago), and the maths 1-3 pack.

im second year computer games development student(mature, 29 in just over a week) , and ive been stressing a bit because i need to build a 3d environment over the summer so i dont cut into my physics research time. (final project will be an idea ive been nursing for a good few years now and computers are just getting good enough to do the kinds of physics calculations i need.) once i graduate add in live damage modelling and my portfolios off to a good start.) should be a very good graphics and physics piece so gives me a bit of leeway for jobs.

how hard is it to get physics programmer jobs? id heard they normally give them to people who have done a full physics degree then they sit in a room of programmers and do their thing while the programmers code away.
id really like to do physics and/or graphics (c++ and openGL is most of what ive done) im hoping that with an ahead of the curve physics engine and a purpose built 3d engine i should be in with a chance.