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Thread: Watching Videos

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    Watching Videos

    Am I the only one who is currently having trouble watching the videos online on 3dBuzz?

    For some reason the videos have a countdown timer rather than an elapse timer, and none of the keyboard commands work anymore.

    I'm using Chrome. It's doing it on all my pcs, but maybe it's because I login to chrome and it's some setting or other.

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    No answers?

    I've tried different computers and even hauled out Internet Explorer.
    Both show a countdown timer in the videos. I am sure it used to be an elapsed time counter.
    A countdown timer is quite useless when you have to jump around in a video.

    for example, this free to view video:

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    I am using chrome and I get two timer bubbles that hover when I click on the timeline that show the current time in white and the time I'm pointing to on the time is in black. it can get frustrating at times trying to navigate to a specific point in the video.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I hadn't seen the white and black timers - only the one on the right. For some reason I hadn't moved the mouse to the bottom.
    I do miss the left and right arrow skip buttons tho.

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