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    Question NodeSchema.Initialize() override not working in TestNodeSchema

    When we override the Initialize method in TestNodeSchema and set the icon, that is not being called at all. I have debugged everything. But if I set the icon in the NodeSchema Initialize() itself it runs perfectly. Please help as stuck on this! Below is the TestNodeSchema code:
    public class TestNodeSchema : NodeSchema {
          public override void Initialize() {
                 icon = Editor resource.TestIcon;
                 displayName = "Test";

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    oh shoot, i just saw this question on the series list, not sure if you figured this out by now or not, but :

    basically, each node's schema Initialize will be called only if you have that node and add it via the menu on the graph, the test node was a dummy place holder until we get into actual node graphs. that is why i really didn't pay attention to what that node was doing simply because in chapter two, i knew that the node would be nuked. if you followed along chapter two, there are many bug fixing there and right now, everything works but it needs final additions to the behavior tree system and one and the biggest things missing is the deep copy of all the tree and graph to make it really functional at the end of chapter 2, in other words, that chapter is not finished yet :/
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