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    Question about Daz and Poser

    Ok, so I plan on creating a short game that included cut-scenes using 3D renders, but I have been researching and I am getting mixed messages about whether or not I can use Daz to do this.

    The game cut-scenes will be 3D models but they will be still image sequences so they're pretty much 2D

    I want to use already made models for things like hair and clothing for example from their store

    I will be releasing the game free (its just a test project really), but to get something back from it, I plan on setting up a patreon page to allow people to support the development of it if they want to do so, and have added incentives such as BETA access, but i'm not forcing anyone to do this to get it as the game willbe free in the long run.

    If someone has the answer to my question that would be amazing

    Thank you!

    also, this is my first post so Hi everyone!

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    If you included the 3D asset with the cooked game package then you will require a license extension. To use Daz Originals for example. for under $100,000.00

    If you wish to combine other artists then you would require a license extension from the artist.

    StoneMason for example. For earnings under $100,000

    The extension is only required if you included the 3d asset as part of the cooked package but there is no additional cost if you only make use of the 2d rendered result.

    Our Unreal 4 group purchased the Daz3D original license as the Genesis 3 frame work = an excellent solution overall and with our Platinum account discount costed us $200 to included any Daz3D original as part of our project.

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    I also use Daz3d, and have been very happy with the results within Unity
    John Bergman aka RadioactiveXP

    I have the source and I am not afraid to use it!
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