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    Question Thinking of purchasing this course

    I'm very interested in this project and course, more to build my own RPG with small scale networking rather than a full scale MMO. Is this project still being developed and worked on? Given that Unity 5 is out now where should I start? some of the early videos are 3+ years old. How far into the actual development of the games systems have you come?( i.e quest system, combat system, etc.)


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    Sorry for the late response.

    I can't speak on behalf of the MMO yet (I plan to start that trip next month), but I've been digging into their (Even older) Unity videos and I've only had to research maybe three topics to get it running exactly as they have it, after a good 80 hours or so of content. And two of those three were very simple, 5-seconds-to-research fixes. The last one was a difference in Unity's means of doing animation which they seem to have done an overhaul of between then and Unity 5.4. But, it wasn't too bad.

    Since 3D Buzz tends to do things 'from the ground up,' rarely or almost never using presets, I can't imagine the MMO will be 'outdated' anytime soon, just minor fixes being needed due to deprecation. I'll have more on this come the middle of next month hopefully, if you haven't taken the plunge because you're waiting for feedback on this. PM me or let me know here if you want a followup.

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