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    Tech Rigging 3 issues?

    HI I'm trying to create a tool that Matches IK to FK in a click of a button, using python. (From the Tech Rigging 3 tuts)
    Everything works great untill I copy the translation information from the tempNull (Which is put in place to act as the pre-transforms for the IK) to the ikHandle. When I run to tool they both fly off in to space? when I was hoping that the ikHandle would snap to the end of the bone. I'm assuming that this has something to do with pre-transforms but I can't figure it out. I have attached 2 still's as one is of the tempNull working correctly and snapping to the end of the bone (before I copy the transforms to the ikHandle) and the 2nd is the tempNull and the ikHandle shooting off into space. Sorry if this is vague, any help is greatly appreciated
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    #parent null to ikhandle
        #houdini 14 automatic pretransform when unparent or reparent so pull it out
        #copy translation information from null to ik handle
    In Houdini it creates an automatic pretransform when parent or unparent with keep position. I guess it's a new feature added sometime after version 9. The extra line shown here worked for me. Something similar was needed in videos 10, 16 and 19 of volume 3.

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    THANKS SO MUCH! that totally worked! I knew that it was automatically pushing the tran into the pretrans and that had to be the issue. I was close but i'm really glad that I asked. now I can finish my masterpiece!!

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