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    Houdini Matching FK to IK button crashing issue

    I am in the middle of Houdini Tech rigging 3 (these are fantastic btw). But I am having an issue with the matching the FK to IK button. I have the code written correctly (I think?) and but once I hit the button it crashes Houdini. I'm assuming that its looping infinity not breaking the while loop. Although it looks like its correct, and if I'm reading it right it should be looping through in reverse. I am using Houdini 15 (could this be a bug or something?) I'm attaching a simple project file so that you can view the code. The button is on the FK_IK_Controls subnet and the code is under type properties.
    and below is the while loop portion if someone takes a look and see's anything outa place. but its probably easier to look at the scene and look at the whole code. Any help is greatly appreciated!
    I might just be looking at it too long.

    while not done:

    #Find rotation channels for that bone
    rx = hou.hscriptExpression(chopString + + ':rx")')
    ry = hou.hscriptExpression(chopString + + ':ry")')
    rz = hou.hscriptExpression(chopString + + ':rz")')

    #Set those rotation on corresponding FK control
    fkControl = hou.node(currentBone.path() + '_FkControl')

    if fkControl != None:

    if currentBone == startBone:
    done = 1
    currentBone = currentBone.inputs()[0]

    #restore original FKIK value
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