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    Hey Everyone;

    I'm fairly new to programming and game development; I have been teaching myself through some of these incredible videos. I am however starting to run into an issue... I'm trying to go through the Unity Fundamentals video to get a grasp of how to use Unity, but I'm running into an issue of what I believe is a difference of Unity versions. I have the new Unity 5 and I believe the video was created using Unity 3; could anyone give me any suggestions on either a better video series to go through, or what to do? It's making it difficult to follow along when I have to search for everything each time a new feature is brought up.

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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    Yeah, I'm having/have had the same problems when going through them. (Currently going through the C# programming intro videos before I do the other fundamental videos.) Ultimately when I completed my first level, it took a lot of brute force figuring out and searching online for a solution and ended up looking a bit different than the one in the videos (couldn't find a similar rock asset or textures or skybox and the level creation script (don't remember the name of it) kept giving me errors). I don't really know if I have a suggestion though other than to keep researching when you encounter an issue. It would probably be difficult to keep making a new intro series every time a change happened.

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    unfortunately those videos are old and the difference between unity 5 and 3 is too much, but nothing serious unless you go to the coding section, the only serious things that are changed is the particle system, unity 2D mode and the new UI system, other than that, i suggest you just watch the videos without doing them yourself, just so that you get a grasp on how unity works in total and write down those sections that are different, then watch some newer videos on you tube searching for your notes and you should soon be able to run unity like a pro
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