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    XNA: Side Scroller


    Could someone please tell me how comfortable you would need to be with C# (would you need a lot) to follow XNA: Side Scroller and not have it go over your head?


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    I think that any answer would be a bit subjective given that your question is incomplete. What I might see easy as hard you might see as something else.

    Before reading below, there is nothing stopping you from viewing the course even if you don't comprehend all or many of the things shown in it. Repetition, practice and searching do help in the process of grasping things.

    Disclaimer: I didn't do the courses listed below so take what I say with a bit of grain (or more).
    - Did you do the XNA complete course ( it takes you through the creation of a few games and teaches C# as-well)?
    - If you did the XNA complete course, can you do the said games without help or with a little help here and there? Do you understand the process of things that are being built (namely games)? I ask this because I presume that in the complete course you are being held by hand for some or most of the games being created whilst the side scroller -again, I presume- to be more programmer to programmer.
    - If you didn't follow along with the complete course, do you understand the process of creating a game? Have you created something or do you know what it entails? Do you know C# (inheritance, polymorphism and using generics -eg lists- )?

    PS: If you haven't already, the introduction video can be viewed. Look at it since it might help with your answer.

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    If you have an intermediate understanding of C#, you should be alright. If you have a beginner level, go through XNA complete first. Your education will thank you later.

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    Thanks guys.

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    From what I remember, the side scroller was very low level. It used very easy to understand concepts. It did not go over what a game loop was, nor the intricacies of inheritance, or passing by reference, or anything that detailed. He expected you to have a general knowledge of programming (even just basic or c++) to grasp a few of the mechanics.

    If you have any real experience programming, the side scroller is a good place to jump in. If your just picking this up, definately start with the XNA complete, and do a little of the c# courses first.

    As an added note, if you aren't awesome at c#, I'd take a look at nelsons corner as well.. He has a ton of good info in there on just basic programming practices and tips

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