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Thread: ASP MVC Course

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    ASP MVC Course

    I am getting a 403.14 error when trying to run IIS express with the Comprehensive ASP AVC course.
    I have tried the suggested fix when it comes up but it still fails.
    The error is that IIS is set not to read directory structured websites. Or something like it.
    I can't continue the course with this situation.
    Any help?

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    I did this ASP.NET MVC series a few times without problems so I never saw your error.
    A quick google search shows your error quite a few times, so you aren't alone.

    there's a few more. Just google "iis express 403.14"

    If you get no response on these forums it is probable that nobody saw that error and you will have to dig deeper yourself.

    Good luck and enjoy solving the problem.

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    Hey Igbon!

    Sorry for the late response. Possibly the easiest way to help you out is if you can package up your project and shoot it over to me. A zip containing the solution would be fine, and if you delete the bin and obj folders, it should fit into an email or be shareable with Google Drive or Dropbox.

    Need any help? Feel free to PM me - or send an email directly to!

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    Thanks. I'll check them out soon

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