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    SoftMaker Office HD Basic now available for free from Google Play

    SoftMaker offers free versions of its award-winning Office software
    SoftMaker Office HD for Android: TextMaker HD Basic, PlanMaker HD
    Basic and Presentations HD Basic are fast, powerful, compatible -
    and now available free of charge on Google Play.


    SoftMaker Office HD is the only office suite for Android tablets that
    offers the full functionality that users know from their Windows PC.
    SoftMaker has now launched a free version of its award-winning
    software on Google Play: SoftMaker Office HD Basic. Even though it
    does not offer every single high-end feature of the commercial version,
    its functional scope still surpasses that of all other free Office
    apps. Plus, it offers the same great compatibility with the
    Microsoft Office file formats that the SoftMaker Office product range
    is famous for.

    SoftMaker Office HD Basic consists of the three essential applications
    for office work: the TextMaker HD Basic word processor, the PlanMaker
    HD Basic spreadsheet and Presentations HD Basic for PowerPoint-style

    TextMaker HD Basic is not only suitable for quick everyday
    correspondence, but also for long documents with complex formatting,
    tables and illustrations. It includes extensive graphics editing and
    desktop-publishing functions. PlanMaker HD Basic offers more than 350
    Excel-compatible mathematical functions and a wide array of features
    for analyzing spreadsheet data. The results of calculations can be
    presented in high-quality, print-ready charts. Presentations HD Basic
    rounds off the package by enabling users to create professional
    presentations that impress the audience with a large variety of
    effects and design elements.

    SoftMakers's new free Office apps offer the best Microsoft Office
    compatibility of any mobile Office app. TextMaker HD Basic, PlanMaker
    HD Basic and Presentations HD Basic enable flawless data exchange with
    Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Old file formats like DOC, XLS
    and PPT can be opened, edited and saved just as faithfully as the
    current file types DOCX, XLSX and PPTX from Microsoft Office 97 to 2016.

    Anyone who has ever worked with Microsoft Office or other Windows
    Office packages, will pick up SoftMaker Office HD Basic in no time.
    Users will experience a familiar user interface, perfectly adapted to
    touchscreen use with an Android tablet.

    Martin Kotulla, Managing Director, SoftMaker commented, "SoftMaker
    Office HD Basic offers far more than the usual, basic functions of
    other free mobile Office apps. Thanks to the file filters that are
    finely tuned to ensure uncompromising compatibility with Microsoft
    Office, data exchange between PC and tablet is as smooth as possible.
    Google Play opens up an avenue for us to reach our users who are
    keen to work with our free Office suite software."

    For users who wish to expand the already vast range of functions of
    SoftMaker Office HD Basic to include high-end functions such as
    pivot tables or export to the e-book format EPUB, an in-app upgrade
    unlocks the full functionality of the commercial version, SoftMaker
    Office HD, for a small one-time payment of US$ 4.99 per app.

    The new SoftMaker Office Basic HD for Android is available in Google
    Play in the form of three free downloads:

    TextMaker HD Basic:

    PlanMaker HD Basic:

    Presentations HD Basic:

    System requirements

    SoftMaker Office Basic HD runs on Android tablets with an ARM CPU and
    Android 4, 5 or 6. SoftMaker recommends devices with a screen size of
    at least 7".

    About SoftMaker

    The Nuremberg software house was founded in 1987 and has worked on
    the development and improvement of its own Office program SoftMaker
    Office since then. It incorporates the word processor TextMaker, the
    spreadsheet program PlanMaker and the presentation program SoftMaker
    Presentations. The compact, stable office suite which is compatible
    with Microsoft Office is offered for the operating systems Windows,
    Linux, Android, Windows Mobile and Windows CE. SoftMaker also
    offers professional font collections.
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