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    Smile UVLayout as MAYA Plugin

    Hi everybody, I have a little problem installing UVlayout as Plugin in maya. First when I open UVlayout, in the button "About UVLayout" I don't have the option "Install Maya..." So first question is how can I do to get it ?

    I saw that there are other solutions to make it as Plugin, for example : to copy all the script and shelves in the right folder \documents\maya\version\.... I did all of that and when i open Maya i can see in my shelves there is a new UVlayout Tab with the different scripts. But my problem is when I want to Run Uvlayout via the script in maya I got this error message :

    // Error: file: d:/Users/XXXXX/Documents/maya/2016/scripts/uvlayout_open.mel line 255: uvlayout: Couldn't find home folder 'C:Program Files (x86)headus UVLayout v2 Professional'! Check definition in uvlayout_home.mel

    I read in a forum that I need to change the path inside the uvlayout_home.mel, I know i have to change by the instal Location but I don't know which line to change.

    This is the original uvlayout_home.mel :
    Click image for larger version. 

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    If someone could help me, it would be amazing, thank you very much.

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    Is the UVLayout program running as a stand alone?
    I know I have to insert my Number in the Text page before it will run as "Pro" as the stand alone...
    (But never needed to run it from Maya).
    So make sure it runs by it's self first, to find "the Dongle" and path, once running as Pro it should open from Maya.

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