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Thread: MMO and linux

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    MMO and linux

    I was just reading the "what features do you want" thread, over oldngrey's post. The networking stuffs.. It made me think. IIS and and server 2012 is easy, and wonderful.... And expensive... What about Linux?

    I've seen support for for Apache servers.. But what about msdeploy? That's right out the window..

    Anybody care to join in on a discussion of porting the project to a Linux server group?

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    In the radio show Nelson was quite enthusiastic about working on linux.
    So potentially a lot of the MMO website could be running on linux eventually.
    There's a linux version of Team City too.
    However, that's as far as the good news goes. No linux for the other bits and pieces including photon or unity.

    Now as far as getting windows servers to work, you can follow along with a server that's actually running windows 7, you are just limited by the max connections which is fine for the tutorials. My setup wasn't meant to annoy you with poverty woes, you can literally follow along with Oracle Virtual Box and an old Windows 7 in a VM if you have the RAM.

    Or you might still be able to get a 180 day trial of Server 2012, although 6 months seems to go quickly. What you really need to do of course is be a university student and get the server licence for free. That's how we started.

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    It's actually not the money that's an issue, at least for me. The challenge is where I'm at, and if that sets a few other potential MMO project followers up with a viable cheap solution, then I'm even more for it.

    I'm just wear an old UNIX hat, and being able to run a server for a year plus with no restarts.. That's just a plus for me.

    I've even considered running photon under wine, just for kicks.. Although the performance would probably suffer..

    Just thinking out loud, mostly, and asking for input

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    Photon only runs on Windows currently. So unless we changes our networking system to use a different backing server then we are stuck with that for game servers currently. They are using proprietary windows networking components that are not supported on other systems. Unless they change their architecture then that is a no go. You could maybe emulate it with wine or something like that, but the point of a low level networking API is that it is performant.

    ASP.NET 5 MVC 6 will run in a Docker Container with a cross platform .NET Core framework. This will allow you to host on multiple environments including linux.

    That being said, you can host your website on Azure for free right now which is what I do. They include a wildcard ssl cert for * domains as well which is nice. The next level up website that costs money includes staging sites so that you don't have to run an IIS server on all of your deployment machines. I also modified my token system for build uploads to also resolve domains instead of just IP so I have a TeamCity host and Build Agent running on a really slow crappy VM in azure and a fast BuildAgent running on my devbox behind a dynamic dns but if you are still going to host your CI build server on your dev box then that is not needed.

    I know that liunx OSs have lower cost overhead but for the scope of this project, it is not much at all. You could run everything on your dev machine. Run photon with multiple projects that use different ports for staging and production. Run multiple websites on IIS for staging and production.

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