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    Nice setup, I have 32GB of RAM in mine with an I7 4960x cpu, only one 500GB ssd tho. I have a Bizspark account but I've not activated Azure on it yet, I'll need to take a look on Bizspark and see whats available for Azure. I think I remember Bizspark users get $150 monthly credit for Azure.

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    I have an MSDN subscription through work so I get a $150 Azure credit each month too. That's why I am hosting everything there currently.

    I guess we have derailed this thread far enough with cloud talk. Haha.

    As far as ideas go, I have no idea what i want to make yet. I have a lot of creative friends that can program as well as a toaster can, so I am looking to them for ideas and design while I handle the technical aspects of anything we do. For the MOBA part, I would love to make a mashup game though. For example, Rocket League that combines FIFA with Carmageddon. I am trying to think outside of the standard League of Legends type fantasy MOBA. I don't know for MMO yet, but I have played so many through out the years. EQ, UO, EQ2, WOW, Vanguard, EVE, and many many more. Just want something with teamwork and cooperation at its heart. I hate the new trend of MMOs that just race to end game.

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