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    MMO Project Loose Ends as of 14 Aug 2015

    At the current end of the MMO videos (Mid August 2015) there are a few loose ends that have been worked around along the way.
    Here's a few I can think of right now:

    1. The website was degraded from https to http to get around a problem uploading the client and launcher.
    2. The current version of google chrome is not happy with the self signing certificate we used for getting https working so a better tool would be needed. Doing those videos now gives a red slash through the https:// part of the url
    3. ipv4 and ipv6 caused a few issues in the creation of tokens. It wasn't as if we could totally ignore ipv6 either, because part of the video required the use of a ipv6 token ::1.
    4. It might be worth putting in the anti-hacking techniques into the web project as in the comprehensive videos? I think there were 3 techniques.

    1. Log4Net was never set up in the master and region projects.

    Misc with vs2013 community and Unity 5.1.1 personal:
    1. Roslyn is now release v1.0, so it can be imported directly from the Nuget gui and not the Package Manager console.
    2. MvcMailer for VS2013 needs to be the 4.5.1-pre version, not the 4.5 version visible in Nuget.

    Not bad for a series as long as this one has been! Looking forward to the next series.

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    Here is what i have done.

    1. I am using Azure websites instead of IIS. I have no issues with https and client/launcher upload. Make sure all of the WebRequests you do are using https and not http. this was an issue in some of the videos.
    2. You can get a free ssl cert. they have a real TA. no need to fake one.
    3. I have issues deploying from an ipv6 corporate network to azure, but not from any ipv4 location.
    4. I agree. Even AntiForgeryTokens on HttpPost Actions

    1. Agreed. this needs to be done.

    Misc with vs2013 community and Unity 5.1.1 personal: *2015 is out now.
    2. MvcMailer seems to have a lot of issues with scaffolding. There are other ways to render a view as raw html and other mailing products. I will try the new pre version.

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    I get errors with VS2015 community and the scaffold when I open the Package Manager Console with MvcMailer 4.5.1pre installed. I haven't tried to sort that out.
    The PMC opens without errors in VS2013 community. The MvcMailer 4.5.1pre was only designed to work with VS2013 so I guess that's why.

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    Did you get this fixed OldnGrey? I ran into the same problem, but got it working using

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    I simply switched to Postal. I did a bit of a step-by-step in these forums for how to replace mvcmailer.

    Scaffolding was the problem with mvcmailer when I did it. Seems they have done some updates. All scaffolding did was to create a few boilerplate cs files so you can easily get around that.
    When I did it, there was no way to stop the package manager console from giving our red errors as it tried to initialize the scaffolding. Also mvcmailer seems to have major problems talking to anything but a small range of scaffolding versions, so the boilerplate classes were not created using the command line Nelson uses.

    After playing with it for a few weeks, I simply switched to postal as mentioned above.
    When you get it working, there is little incentive to messing around with it any more!

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