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    Question Downloadable Couses & More

    Hello People !

    I really want to watch the Mathematics Courses as well as several other Free Courses before Subscribing. But I cannot be online all the time and watch it here, so I would like to have those courses On My Hard Drive, so I could access them whenever I want, it will be helpful in future as well.

    Can you please make all the Free Courses Downloadable (as a Package) as well ? There are more than just one reason. The Power goes out sometimes and so, I might get stuck. Or for instance, I might be some other place where I am getting bored so I could just slip it out and watch it. It's good to have such things handy.

    And also, do I get to Download Courses when I Subscribe along with the Project Files or is it just the Videos ? And do I get to download them as a .rar file or as a complete package or one by one ? Downloading them one by one is really tiring so please 3D Buzz People, make it downloadable as an archive.

    And last but not the least, do I get access to courses and workshops etc. that are over and some of them which mention Sessions Over (or Expired) or Class Has Ended etc. ? Do I get access to all the Content ever created on and for 3D Buzz ?
    And also, do Instructors reply to our messages and get in touch with us, maybe when we address a problem or anything ?

    Please help me out. And please 3D Buzz People, add the feature to download Courses as an Archive.

    Edited : Are/Is Courses on 3D Buzz sufficient enough for me to start making Applications and Game Development ? I know I will have to take a look at books as well, which I do and I will, but I still want to ask, are they ?

    Thanks !
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