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    Are the tutorials outdated or am i doing something wrong?

    Hello, i will be starting c++ programming in college soon and wanted to get a feel of what to expect. i started with this video:

    Despite following along the code would not compile, however writing the code for "hello world" as one would in c# did compile.
    I was/am definitely using a c++ console app in visual studio . Any help would be appreciated.

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    You need to post what errors you're getting and your code so we can help you out.

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    Yes, as SLAYER mentioned, please provide the errors you are getting. It would also be useful to see what code you're trying to compile. You can use Git Gists to paste and link your code snippet.

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    The video is old and visual-studio as you see it in the video is very much so out-of-date, but code written in the tutorial should work just fine. It's just basics, which hasn't really changed. VisualStudio has changed though.

    Posting errors will help identify the root of the problem.

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