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    Question Downloadable Couses & More

    Hello People !

    I really want to watch the Mathematics Courses as well as several other Free Courses before Subscribing. But I cannot be online all the time and watch it here, so I would like to have those courses On My Hard Drive, so I could access them whenever I want, it will be helpful in future as well.

    Can you please make all the Free Courses Downloadable (as a Package) as well ? There are more than just one reason. The Power goes out sometimes and so, I might get stuck. Or for instance, I might be some other place where I am getting bored so I could just slip it out and watch it. It's good to have such things handy.

    And also, do I get to Download Courses when I Subscribe along with the Project Files or is it just the Videos ? And do I get to download them as a .rar file or as a complete package or one by one ? Downloading them one by one is really tiring so please 3D Buzz People, make it downloadable as an archive.

    And last but not the least, do I get access to courses and workshops etc. that are over and some of them which mention Sessions Over (or Expired) or Class Has Ended etc. ? Do I get access to all the Content ever created on and for 3D Buzz ?
    And also, do Instructors reply to our messages and get in touch with us, maybe when we address a problem or anything ?

    Please help me out. And please 3D Buzz People, add the feature to download Courses as an Archive.

    Edited : Are/Is Courses on 3D Buzz sufficient enough for me to start making Applications and Game Development ? I know I will have to take a look at books as well, which I do and I will, but I still want to ask, are they ?

    Thanks !
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    I know for sure, you can take a look at the 2d game development stuff they did a few months back with Unity and C#. They have a complete course from starting up Unity and MS V Studio, all the way to multi-level game with an "ending". I believe they even mention stuff about a high score screen (been a while since i watched all that). And it has a companion course on 3DBuzz with how to create the graphics assets!

    Anyway, the purpose of mentioning that, was that 3DBuzz has a youtube channel, and they put that entire course online! I know it's not "downloadable" as is.. but there are TONS of sites out there that give you the ability to download them. You could grab that course, watch it at your leisure, and make a decision on the quality of the videos and training they have.

    Oh! and most of the courses they've done are also available for Member Sponsors. I haven't found anything they've done in the past that I don't have access to at least the video feed, if not the actual assets for the class. I haven't done any of them, so I don't have any real specifics for you there.

    And when you've gotten a pretty good grasp of things around here, make sure you drop in and start following along on the MMO project. Nelson's going all out (as well as a lot of the Members here) on the Programming side, and there's about 50-60 videos on the graphics side of the project as well. It's crazy in depth.

    Youtube Channel:

    2D game playlist on youtube:

    See ya around!

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    Thanks for your help imlladris. I will surely check out their Youtube Channel. And I am more of a C++ person than C#.
    Does the MMO Game Development Series follow along the path of C# or is it C++ ?

    Thanks !

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